Friday, August 21, 2009

Inspiration Purge

All of these photos inspire me in some way. I need to clear off my desktop, so I've purged them all on here, mostly for my own benefit. I tried to clump them into some type of sensible categories.

Group 1:
Because gray is the greatest color ever used for wall paint (although my dad, a painter, may disagree).

Group 2:
This next set is a mish-mash of things I love. It's either the white couch, the tan walls with bright white curtains, or something about the coordination of the curtains that got me in the following photos:

(The white curtains with rattan shades is what draws me to this room.)

Group 3:
Green makes me happy. I plan on having lots of green surprises in my house.

Group 4:
I'm not much for prints or patterns, but chevron makes my heart go pitter patter. I'm having custom black and white chevron curtains made for my (green) dining room. It's going to be so rad.

West Elm rug. I super love it!

Group 5:
Chalkboard paint is the greatest invention on the planet.
(Jenna Lyons' nursery. If I could trade lives with anybody it'd be her.)

Group 6:
I love the drama of black. I'd like to pull it off in either the powder room or the stairwell leading upstairs. Husband will probably say no way.

Group 7:
Dining inspiration. A farm table, old or new or whatever, is a MUST for the sunroom.

Group 8:

Turquoise makes me almost as happy as green.

We have this duvet cover. I'm thinking grays and whites for our own master bedroom, but I really like the yellow pops and the bluey gray walls.

I like ferns. And we're going to have a front porch, so I'm brainstorming ways to style it without it becoming crowded.

*Disclaimer: Unfortunately I've been saving these images at random and do not have the sources for each one. I do not take credit for any of these images and if any of them are yours and you want to be credited please let me know.