Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Secret Spot

No, ZGallerie is no secret to everyone out there in the design world, but in my little nook of the country it's unknown and has become my dirty little design secret. Is it selfish that I'd like to keep it that way? Except from my mom, of course.
Anyways, I've been AGONIZING over living room curtains for the past few months. In the front of the to-be "estate" is the formal living room and dining room split by a foyer. Two windows in the front of each room, so when standing in the foyer you look to either side and see windows. I just received my fantastic custom made black and white chevron drapes for the dining room and I wanted to keep the black and white theme going across. I'm obsessed with symmetry and cohesiveness, people. But I just could not find the right thing. Too much black, too floral, too expensive, too sheer ...
I almost settled on these (not black) West Elm panels when I stumbled across this perfection at ZGallerie:
Black and white, right price, and I love the geometrical pattern which is kind of in tune with the chevron of the dining room curtains. Other things will have to wait. These are destined to be mine!
Here are some other things I'm loving:

I have a thing for white accessories. How cute is that elephant?

I realize the zebra thing is a trend right now, but I want this in the foyer. Goes with the whole black and white theme and normal rectangular sisal rugs by the door are sooo boring.

I love that they sell the whole pillow and and not just the pillow covers.

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