Thursday, June 17, 2010

Style in One Picture

One of my new found favorite blogs, FROM THE RIGHT BANK,posted a challenge in which you post one picture that sums up your style. Let me just tell you, this was Haaaard.

While it was difficult to choose just one of the thousands of living spaces tucked away in my inspiration folder, I ultimately had to choose this photo:

And this is why:

1. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so really it's the most important room.
2. It's bold. Green subway tile, black wall. Awesome.
3. It's very neat. Not very much on the counters. I can't stand clutter.
4. I heart dark hardwood floors. I can never understand why people choose tile for the kitchen.
5. Whoever designed this made the perfect choices: simple hardware, do you see that faucet??!!, apron sink, built in seating for eating, super stove.
6. It's unexpected, but not fussy.
7. And on and on and on and on .......

Thanks so much for letting me participate! Now go enter your own picture!


  1. Great room choice! I love the green subway tile!
    <3 Cara

  2. Love the green subway tiles - so fun and unexpected!

  3. I love it all. The black wall, the green tile, and the dark floors with white cabinets.

  4. The green subway tile is drool-worthy! The whole kitchen is really fabulous but those tiles just make it. I'm glad you chose a kitchen because not many people have. :) Thanks so much for participating! Have a great weekend!