Monday, January 25, 2010

Drape Myself in Velvet

I've always had my eye on this charcoal velvet couch from ZGallerie. I'd probably lounge around naked on this baby, it's THAT good.

I've been envisioning a gray velvet couch in our "formal" living room ever since. Only it won't be so formal, since I'm not that kind of gal. One to prop myself up on with a House Beautiful and a good view into the neighborhood street. And since the ZGallerie beauty isn't quite in my price range, I'm thinking this more affordable and totally adorable Nate Berkus for HSN might be finding it's way to the Gebber.

Oh, and to any potential house guests, I was just kidding about lounging around naked in my formal living room. So don't be afraid of the velvet couch.

And some gray velvet couch images via Flickr to get you in the mood:

Okay, so it's not gray, but I looooove it. From the home of super talented Lauren of Pure Style Home.

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  1. thanks so much for the mention!!! :)