Monday, August 30, 2010

Obligatory Red Carpet Review

I can't really get into the actual award show, but rarely do I miss the pre-show red carpet. I love award season. So while the fashion blog world will be crawling with the red carpet reviews, I can't help but squeeze in the red carpet review post as well.

Overall I wasn't wooed by any one's dress in particular. And I was getting SO ANNOYED with all the hoo-ha over Lea Michelle's navy Oscar de la Renta. She looked pretty, sure, but she didn't quite make my list of favorites.

Shall, we?

Rose Byrne:
Call me Rachel Zoe, but I loooove, love, love white on the red carpet. And she nailed it. Waaay better than the tragedy that was Kim Kardashian (sorry).

Anna Paquin:

It's a little funky, and I like funky. I feel like she was the only one on the red carpet who took a risk!

Eva Longoria Parker:
I can't recall ever seeing her in black. I like this. She looks elegant, not oversexed as per usual.

And for the worst-dressed?

While I was super disappointed in January Jones' blue Versace, my face actually wrinkled up in disgust at Julia Louis-Dreyfus' peek-a-boo blunder. Yes, she has a rockin' bod, but it's not age appropriate and I'm pretty sure I've this on her before. Even my husband said, "I'm serious, I actually think she wore that dress once." And her jewelry is ugly, too.

So, what were your favorites? Least favorites? Do you think my picks are crazy?

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